Excerpt Taken from NeSA-R 3rd Grade Practice Test:

Lisa and the Pigpen

Peter lived in a small town with his mama, papa, brothers, and sisters.
Everyone had chores. Peter's job was to look after his youngest sister
Lisa. Lisa was three years old and very curious. She liked to wander out
of the house and play outside.

One day Peter and Lisa were playing hide-and-seek in the house, and the
game turned into a chase.

Crash! Bang! Peter tripped and landed in the clothes basket on the
kitchen floor. Lisa fell on the floor beside him and laughed. "Do it
again," begged Lisa.

"Oh, no," said Mama. "You two go outside with your chasing and stay
out of my way. Don't get into trouble." The children ran out the door
into the sunshine. At that moment, Mr. Brown was leading his pig down
the road. He was going to Ms. Smith's house to show her how big the
pig had grown. Lisa laughed and ran to catch up to Mr. Brown and his
pig. Peter yelled after her.

"Where are you going?" Lisa asked Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown turned
around and saw the little girl following him.

"I am going to show my friend, Ms. Smith, how big my pig has grown."

"I'm going, too," said Lisa. She marched right along with Mr. Brown.
"Okay, I'm going, too," Peter sighed, and followed behind them. When
they arrived at Ms. Smith's house, Mr. Brown put his pig in the pigpen
at the back of the house. Lisa followed Mr. Brown and his pig. When
she saw the other pigs, she squealed with delight. The
pigs squealed and oinked.

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