Intermediate & Secondary Focus

The resources and ideas shared on this page are related to the March sessions that are geared to vocabulary instruction in the intermediate & secondary classrooms.

Graphic Organizer Handouts for Video Conference Follow-up (in .pdf format)
Sticky Notes On-Line Tools:
  • LinoIt Stickies: An account is needed to create a sticky note board, although you can set up the preferences for the board to allow anyone to post or view the board.
  • Wall Wisher(finicky but great when it works!): No account is needed for this site--it is easy to use but often has issues with being "too busy" for additional users.

Context Clues Resources:
  • Kids Lab Tutorial (aimed at upper elementary/middle school): this web site gives information about context clues and how they work and then has activities that the students complete to gain a better understanding of using context clues.
  • TV 411--"Using Context Clues" Lessons: this web site is a tutorial that introduces and then provides examples for using context clues.
Working with Greek and Latin Roots:

Center Activity Ideas & Resources:
  • Florida Center for Reading Research: This resource will be helpful for grades 3-6


  • Vocabulary Videos for ACT/SAT vocabulary words: Vocabahead This resource shares videos with pictures and audio to help attach meaning to the vocabulary words that students will need to know for the ACT/SAT exams

21st Century Tools & Resources: Link to video demonstration of this section-- Sniglets
  • Sniglets: Think of the 21st century skills that could be addressed with an activity where students create "sniglets" --creativity, critical thinking, communication......
    • Sniglets Online: Click on the Sniglets button at the top to begin.
      From the Web Site:
    • Bit Strips Students could use this on-line comic creator to create their own "Sniglet".
    • Sample Sniglets (these were "clean" at the time of posting) that can be used as examples to get students started or to work on breaking words down/putting words together.
    • Today's Meet: use this tool that you have experienced in workshops to have students go online and share their Sniglets.
  • Visual Thesaurus and Lesson ideas for using Visual Thesaurus to teach affixes.

Resources & Links:

Video Archives of the Session: