Google Docs Sorts & Find/Replace in Word Lists

Step #1: Open the Word List for either Elementary or Secondary listed below:

  • Elementary Word Lists
    • Google Spreadsheet of Word Lists by Grade Level for Ft. Calhoun ElementaryTeachers Click Here
  • Secondary Word Lists
    • Google Spreadsheet of Word Lists by Curricular Area for Ft. Calhoun Secondary Teachers: Click Here

Step #2: To Sort a column of the word list,

  • select the column you would like to alphabetize and choose Sort sheet the pop up menu which appears after you select a column. (see at right)

To Search for Words or to Find/Replace Words

Step #1: From the Edit Menu Choose Find and Replace

Step #2: Now type the word you would like to "Find" in the Find and Replace Dialog Box


Step #3: You will now go through the current sheet with all the occurrences of the word you entered highlighted. If you would like to search all the curricular areas for occurrences of the word, check the box next to search all sheets shown below.


Try searching for these 10 test prep words