Primary Focus

The resources and ideas shared on this page are related to the February sessions that are geared to vocabulary instruction in the K-2 classroom:

Read Aloud Resources:
  • StoryBook Online: Books are read to the students by members of the screen actors guild. Pictures and words are shown as the books are read--very similar to the way that a teacher would read a book to students in class. Books include: Harry the Dog, Stellaluna, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, A Bad Case of Stripes, and many more.
    • Video Archive of Pam demonstrating StoryLine Online web site for use in the primary classroom
  • Text Talk Lesson from the Utah Department of Education
    • Video Archive of Janet demonstrating a text talk lesson using the book A Bad Case of Stripes.

Video Archive Demonstrating the Resources Below: Video Link

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Center Activity Ideas & Resources:

Kid Friendly Picture & Word Dictionaries for Reference:
  • Pics4Learning: Easy to download pictures that are share proper citation.
  • Google Images: Check out your searches before using this site with students.
  • Flickr Images: Much like Google--you will find a number of images but it is best to check out the images before navigating with students.
  • Photographic Picture Dictionary
  • Kid's Online Picture Dictionary
  • Learning Words Dictionary
  • Shahi Visual Dictionary: This site is a good resources for pictures and reference, combining access to a definition and also pictures from Flickr, Yahoo & Google. The site is not "kid friendly" in that the site uses ALL pictures that are available at the three sites and some are not appropriate for young students. Teachers would want to go to the site ahead of time to view the images that come up on searches before taking the students to this site. It may serve as a resource for teachers looking for visual images of vocabulary words.

Interactive WhiteBoard Prefix Lessons/Flipcharts from Promethean Planet:

Resources & Links for Centers & for Sharing with Parents: