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Readings on the Use of Technology to Teach Vocabulary:

Below are some great resources from current literature and other sources on the use of technology to assist in the teaching of vocabulary. ICT (information/communication/technology) literacy is one of the 21st Century Skills. Technology can also be a tool for communication, collaboration, creativity and exploring cross cultural connections.

On-Line Technology Tools for Teaching & Working With Vocabulary:Dynamo.png

  • Vocabulary Development Tool:
    • Dynamo Dictionary: From elementary to college level (they have activities to help with the GRE) Dynamo is's more recent addition to help students with vocabulary. All levels are represented, as are different subject areas, focus areas like Greek & Latin roots, ACT preparation, elementary prefixes, etc. This is a great starting point and one to share with your students and parents.
    • Flocabulary:
      Flocabulary is a web site (we use the free videos) using hip-hop music and curricular materials to teach academic content in grades K-12. Along with the hip-hop song videos are the words that go along with the music. The test taking video uses the words: describe, analyze, etc. in a fun way to get the meaning across to students. Students could create their own hip-hop song after watching the video :)

  • Word Wall Tools:
    • Digital Tools/Digital Word Walls: Wall Wisher,
    • Tools to create Paper/Low Tech Word Walls: Wordle, Cool Text
    • Consider Word Wall Locations: Overhead markers on windows, Hanging from Ceilings, Ceiling tiles & markers, Hula Hoops as mobiles, stained glass/overhead transparencies, magnets on whiteboards, CD case frames on bookcases (template)
  • Word Play Tools:
    • Comic Creators: Pixton, Bit Strips, paper & markers
    • Vocabulary Hot Potato/Random Word Generator
    • iMovie on iPad for creating a video/talk about a word
    • Vocabulary Visuals: Drawings/images to represent a word, word art in MS Word
    • Competitions
      • Vocabulary treasure hunt: Use vocabulary words to hide clues around the classroom--they have to know the meaning of the word to get to the next clue.
      • ABC Brainstorming Game
      • Scrabble: 5-scrabble Squares.doc

iPad Apps for Vocabulary Instruction (targeting high school age students)

  • Vocabulary Central App (available for grades 6-12): This FREE app uses vocabulary in selection, interactive flash cards, songs, and game format. There are multiple units of content with activities that help students learn each vocabulary word. The app is created by Person Education, Inc. but it is currently FREE in the app store.
  • Quizlet (one of the Vocab Tools shared last year) can be accessed directly on the web or one of the apps that runs Quizlet stacks can be downlaoded--some have a cost, others are free at this web site:
  • Vocab Visuals: Utilizes Vocabahead web site--try the Vocab Visuals SAT and see if this is an app that you could use in your classroom. Many are available for purchase but you will want to try the app with your students to decide if it is worth the expense.
  • Smart Vocab SAT Lite:
  • Articulate
  • FlashCards Deluxe (or Lite)
  • Lino (online word wall/sticky note creator)
  • Blanks
  • Cartoon o Matic
  • Wordplay Lite
  • WordWhirlFree
  • Scrabble (cost involved)

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