VocabGrabber Web Site Resource:

vocabgrab.pngWeb Address: http://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/

Task: If you or your teaching team is having problems deciding where a vocabulary word "fits" by curricular area, this might be a good tool to try in determining the curricular area.

VocabGrabber allows the user/student to copy and paste text into an area on the screen and then sort the words by curricular area, frequency, familiarity, etc. Words can be selected from the sorted list for use with virtual thesaurus to look for synonyms and build meaning. Noted researcher, Robert Marzano emphasizes the importance of working with words, vocabgrab.pngbuilding student meaning and exploring words as steps in the development of reading vocabulary. This site is one you will want to put on your "radar."
Some features (such as the Create Word List button) are only for those paying for a premium account.

Try VocabGrabber with Passages from the NeSA-R: