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Three Tier Vocabulary Words (Beck & McKeown, 1985)
  • Tier I Words:Common, everyday words
    • Most basic words
    • Rarely require direct instruction
    • Rarely have multiple meanings
    • 8,000 word families in English are included in tier I words
    • Examples: sight words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, early reading words, book, girl, sad, orange, run, dog, etc.

  • Tier 2 Words:High frequency words that strongly influence speaking and reading
    • Most important words for direct instruction
    • Good indicators of a student's progress in school
    • 7,000 word families in English (or 700 per year) in tier 2
    • Examples: masterpiece, fortunate, industrious, measure, benevolent

  • Tier 3 Words:Content-specific words that are used by specialists
    • Low-frequency words
    • Specific to domains that include subjects in school, hobbies, occupations, technology, weather, etc.
    • Words are learned when a specific need arises such as learning amino acid during a chemistry lesson
    • Examples: asphalt, crepe, isotope bucolic

PDF Document of Common Affixes & Roots Students Should Know K-12: prefix suffix root.pdf
ESU#3 Video on Tiered Words